The perfect lab partner, the OPTURA PALM puts the power to quickly and easily take on the spot cell density readings in the palm of your hand. Measure cells growing inside your vessel without breaking the sterile barrier, simply press the OPTURA PALM to your vessel and let ABER do the rest.


The bio-reflectance sensor emits near-infrared (NIR) light from the sensor into the medium. This light is reflected by cells present in the medium and is returned to the detector on the sensor face. The detected light intensity is directly proportional to total cell density and can be easily calibrated to any familiar offline reading.

The fixed NIR wavelength utilised has been selected to provide optimal responsiveness from seeding to harvest cell concentrations.

This optimisation allows the consistent monitoring of biomass without needing to change the wavelength in response to varying cell densities while maintaining accuracy. Perfect for the lab, OPTURA PALM hand-held biomass sensor gives real-time on the spot readings from inside your vessel without breaking the sterile barrier. Touch and run, simply press the OPTURA PALM sensor to your vessel to obtain a reading then move on to the next. Save on time, foot flow, consumable use and waste production in the lab.

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Key Benefits

Hand held
Broad range of applications
Contamination free
On the spot readings