ABER Instruments brewing portfolio goes direct in the US & Canada

Founded over 30 years ago, having invented and pioneered the commercial use of Capacitance for measuring living cells, ABER is trusted for delivering pioneering advanced bio-capacitance technology to the world’s leading biopharma’s and brewing companies.

To build upon ABER’s world class service, sales and technical support for ABER’s brewing systems will now be available directly from ABER.

This direct approach will further enhance ABER’s provision to US breweries, giving direct access to ABER’s extensive experience in providing automated yeast management solutions to a global market for over 30 years.

ABER’s brewing portfolio of products, focused on effective yeast management, include the COMPACT Yeast Monitor; – An In-line Sensor and Plc, utilised by the majority of the World’s largest breweries such as AB Inbev, Diageo and Heiniken and expanding craft Breweries for in-line automated pitching, cropping fermentation monitoring and yeast propagation monitoring. [Read More here…]

The most familiar product in the US – tailored to suit craft breweries and their teams, is ABER’s portable yeast pitching skid – the Perfectpitch.  A number of case studies attest to its usefulness and effectiveness for pitching just the right amount of ‘living’ yeast, using its in-built sensor, flow metre and interactive touchscreen for recording the pitch run.  ABER’s Perfectpitch has numerous benefits for growing craft breweries.

Independent studies have concluded that the Perfectpitch can create significant improvements in the performance and consistency of fermentations, along with reducing fermentation times which could result in energy, cost and efficiency savings. This empowers users to better plan and even schedule more fermentations per month or year, increasing brewery output without having to invest in real estate.

In addition to these systems, ABER offers an automated yeast cell counter known as the ABER Countstar.  Accurate Lab yeast counts can be gained in just 20 seconds.

To learn more about ABER’s Yeast systems and their benefits, get in touch with ABER here:

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