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At ABER we take a partnership approach to every relationship, but we recognise the enormous potential that formalised partnerships – both commercial and in academia – can make in terms of accelerating research, optimising development programs, sharing risk, reducing time to market and transforming scientific and commercial outcomes.

We believe that success comes from having a flexible and pioneering approach to both fostering and nurturing partnerships that are based on shared values and a passion for driving progress in a way that benefits everyone.

We are interested in exploring partnerships that have the potential to make a significant difference to the scientific and commercial outcomes in the sectors that we operate, and in ways that positively improve operational processes and raise the standard for consistency in measurement.

Our ideal partners share our passion for scientific and technical innovation in a way that mutually benefits everyone involved. At the same time we expect to help our partners benefit from the development of their own assets, value propositions or research objectives.

Original Equipment Manufacturer Collaborations

If you are an equipment provider who wants to stand out from the competition by offering pioneering PAT technology via an Aber biomass monitoring solution but you need this pre fabricated into a single-use solution or industry standard solutions aren’t fit for your equipment, don’t hesitate to contact Aber. Our world class engineering team are adaptable and innovative and we’d be happy to discuss the challenges and work with you to deliver a biomass monitoring solution that meets your needs. 

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