Portable yeast pitching


With the Perfect Pitch you can take out the guess work from your yeast management process. You can also increase your capacity by moving beer faster through your tanks. And to top it all, you can improve the quality with better pitching consistency. 

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Perfect Pitch

From ABER Instruments’ range of yeast pitching equipment, the COMPACT PERFECTPITCH is a portable skid that incorporates a COMPACT ADAPT yeast monitor, a flow meter, pipework and mini-PLC. So if the brewer needs a self-contained module or the flexibility to connect the yeast monitor to various yeast storage vessels and fermenters, the COMPACT PERFECTPITCH provides the ideal solution at an affordable price.

Our recent case study highlights the benefits that the Meantime Brewery in London experienced during their trial of the COMPACT PERFECTPITCH.

Increased profit


A significant improvement in the performance and consistency of the fermentations and a reduction in the fermentation times using the Aber Perfectpitch. Perfectpitch delivers results such as energy, cost and efficiency saving as demonstrated in the case studies below.

Better consistency

Improve performance
and consistency

Better consistency can be achieved in a number of ways. Reducing the end of fermentation time by consistently achieving the correct target pitching rate. Reducing process variability and improving consistency with regards to the end of fermentation times to aid in the effective use of vessel time.

Less waste

Accurately measuring
the live yeast cell

Accurately measuring the live yeast cell concentration in real time helps protect brews from many potential off-flavours and hung fermentations. Utilising the Perfectpitch allows for an improved and more consistent beer quality, satisfying old customers and winning over new ones.