Total biomass monitoring
just leapt a light year.

The OPTURA range utilises near Infrared bio-reflectance measurements to deliver rapid insight into your biological processes. The NIR laser is emitted from the sensor face into the media, cells present in the media reflect the laser back into the sensor’s measurement face, resulting in a measurement of reflectance where increasing reflectance return corresponds with increasing biomass.


Due to the chosen wavelength, the sensor achieves a small measurement field which is less likely to be impacted by interfering objects within the vessel, coupled with the various sensor types within the OPTURA range, can tackle a wide variety of applications.

Bio-reflectance technology effortlessly accommodates a variety of cell types, including mammalian and microbial cells. By harnessing the sensor’s reflectance nature, it achieves a high linear biomass range from seeding to harvest concentrations, all with a single sensor. This eliminates the need for frequent wavelength switching or adjustment of settings, providing a simplified and efficient monitoring experience.

Fixed NIR wavelength

The fixed wavelength between the region of 1310-1330 nm has been selected to maximise sensitivity to changes in biomass from seeding to harvest concentrations, no matter what the application is. This near infrared range minimises loss of signal due to absorbance as it is not affected by coloured media constituents.

Our chosen wavelength enables a narrow measurement field of up to 2.5 cm from the sensor face, ensuring accurate and representative readings while minimising back reflectance from interfering elements associated with shorter wavelengths.




The perfect handheld lab partner

Provides contact-less biomass measurements right in the palm of your hand.


Highly versatile and contact-less

Small profile sensor for contact-less, real-time biomass measurements.


Real-time insertion sensor

Easily inserted into your vessel via a head plate for real-time total biomass measurement.

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