Employee, Social & Environmental Responsibility

Our commitment to people and society

As an employee owned company our promise to set the standard for measuring success is not limited to our own success or that of our customers.

The essence of our guiding purpose is that we enrich the lives of everyone we work with, by maintaining a culture that promotes innovation, openness, and collective responsibility in ways that benefit society today and as stewards for future generations.

We believe that a healthy attitude toward ‘give and take’ is mutually beneficial – the more we give the greater the rewards for us all.

This is why as employee owners we work together to identify and commit to investing time and resources in areas that we agree are the most important to us, our partners, the regions, communities, and economies where we live and work.

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Our Environmental Commitments

Stewardship of the Environment is one of our 9 core Guiding Principles, in which we promise, “to promote good environmental practice and minimise the negative effects our business may have on the environment”. As employee owners, each one of us has an ingrained commitment to long-term sustainability and to minimising our environmental impact.

Our plan, which supports this commitment, is now well established and relies on constant appraisal and improvement guided by our own internal Environment Group.

Underpinning our efforts, we have an Environmental Management System in place, certified to ISO 14001.

However, we continually work hard to optimise our energy efficiency with the aim of achieving carbon neutrality.

Our Aberystwyth facility is a great example of this, being powered by 100% ‘green’ electricity from our own PV system – the first large-scale installation of its kind in the region.

Our commitment to longer-term investment in sustainability is extending throughout our business from complex projects including the sustainable redevelopment of our production facilities through to the provision of electric car charging points on site for employee owners and guests.

Employee owned

Our commitment to people and society

As an employee owned company, we have a deep-rooted belief that if everybody has a stake, then everybody cares.

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