Success is best when it’s shared

Employee ownership – is the difference that makes us better

ABER is an employee-owned company, which means that everyone who works here owns, shares – and is directly involved in – the day-to-day running, direction, and success of our business.

Employee ownership brings a different perspective to our business and our culture. It’s always been part of who we are. Since the early days of ABER our founders committed to providing opportunities in the region of West Wales where we were founded and wanted to ensure that we are able to pass our legacy on to future generations of employees.

Being employee owned has a significant impact on who we are, how we think, and the way we progress.

Working for ABER


Amber Walker


Matthew Lee


Emma Thomas

It makes us very different to our competitors in the sectors we operate, and the regions we’re based in.

As employee owners we share responsibility, we are more transparent, more open-minded, and more accountable and this provides us with huge benefits: 

  • It encourages every one of us to think differently and to be more entrepreneurial.
  • It promotes innovation and collaboration.
  • It raises our standards in terms of the way we treat our customers and the way we treat each other.
  • It enables us to drive continual improvement.
  • It has a positive impact in terms of our commitments to social and environmental responsibility.
  • It makes us more open and embracing towards diversity and inclusion.
  • It endows us with the strength and flexibility to be able to cope with the challenges of growth and expansion.
  • It helps all of us to achieve better work life balance.

And, it delivers better business performance.

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