Improvement in productivity using capacitance as a PAT tool in bioprocesses

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In the biopharma industry, two key objectives are to increase process productivity and reduce high cost of goods sold (COGS). Such improvements offer numerous advantages, including heightened efficiency, expanded capacity, expedited time to market, wider market adoption, lower selling prices, improved affordability, increased profitability and accelerated drug development.

Over the years, dielectric spectroscopy, or capacitance technology, has been used as a reliable, inline and real-time PAT tool to measure the viable cell density in bioprocess. Several groups have reported the use of capacitance to improve productivity & reduce the COGS of different bioprocesses.

Download our latest report which gives examples across various applications, including Fed-batch, Microbial and Vector/virus based applications and outlines the potential substantial savings you could make by implementing a capacitance based approach.

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