Offline yeast counting

The Aber Countstar is the first slide-based image analysis instrument for yeast cells that can be used with the same safe, traditional stains used in microscopy.



The Aber Countstar can be used for rapid counting of yeast cells and viability estimation.

The Countstar is simple to operate and eliminates the time consuming, tedious and potentially error prone haemocytometer operation.

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The instrument uses disposable slides containing 5 sample chambers that require just 20μl for each sample.

Using auto-focusing cell image analysis, one measurement takes less than 20 seconds with a 5 megapixel industrial colour camera to provide the cell count (total, live and dead), the %viability, cell diameter and the degree of aggregate.

Speed up counting and minimize inter‐operator errors with the aber countstar

Graph shows inter‐operator variability. It is clear that a much higher variation was seen when four users perform viability estimation for yeast samples using the haemocytometer.

Countstar software

Users can perform simple data analyses within the Countstar software, comparing up to ten samples for cell concentrations or %viability in a single chart.

All results are automatically stored in the data library. Lists of results are shown chronologically, divided by month. Images are also stored, and can be accessed by selecting your chosen sample and clicking on view.

Key Benefits

Safe handling and
disposal of samples with traditional stains such as Methylene Blue

Data easily comparable with traditional microscopy with a haemocytometer

A simpler preparation routine than two-step/dual dye alternative fluorescent dye based methods

Unique auto-focusing image analysis provides reproducible data

Small sample volume, only 20 μl needed

Low cost and waste per test using disposable, individually wrapped plastic slide with 5 chambers

Wide cell density range (5×104 – 3×107 cells/ml)

Minimum maintenance
and cleaning