The challenge of scaling-up whilst maintaining consistency and quality

Scaling up to 250,000 hectolitres with the ability to go up to 500,000 hectolitres during the pandemic posed a number of challenges for Beavertown. One of the challenges was maintaining consistency across their range of brands. One of the core aims of the team was to ensure their Yeast management processes were nailed down, ensuring that the right kit was specified for the Krones installed brewhouse.

Chris Lewington, Head Brewer at Beaverworld during this period describes the challenges – 

“One of the things that we’ve always tried to establish as a team is the mentality of “right first time”….It’s a big challenge. But it’s like a sort of philosophy we go by.

We first came across the ABER product as a trial at our other facility at Tottenham Hale. I think it’s fair to say, every brewer knows, that nearly all of the consistency of your beer comes from the consistency of fermentation. That’s one of the things that you control the least in the sense of actual fermentation process. So it’s all about how you control the yeast management going in.”

The Benefits 

Chris adds “We understood that when we came to this site, and also when we looked at other sites when we were contract brewing at other facilities, we often found that the control of fermentation would always be better if you can control the yeast management.

So that’s why we started to trial the ABER Perfect Pitch at Lockwood first. And then we sort of took the technology and we applied it to the in-lines here.  We wanted to look for total control over our yeast management.”

“The main benefits of using the ABER Compact is absolutely the repeatability of not only your results from the yeast counting, but also the quality that comes from the side or that. So consistency is key. “

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