Measuring cell density in HyPerforma S.U.B.s with ABER FUTURA neotf single-use capacitance sensors



Ben Madsen

Staff R&D Bioprocess Engineer
Single-Use Technologies
Thermo Fisher Scientific

Aditya Bhat

B,Sc, MSc, PhD
VP of Technology
ABER Instruments

Dielectric spectroscopy, more commonly known as capacitance measurement, has been routinely used in the industry and academia for real time cell density measurement for over three decades.

This technology from ABER offers real time inline measurement, without the need to take offline samples. Capacitance measurement is seen as a valuable key performance indicator or a critical process parameter, that is not only used to monitor the process, but also to automatically control important events during the run.

As the industry moves towards single-use facilities, it is crucial that a PAT technology such as capacitance is available across different platforms. Building on Aber’s experience with single-use capacitance sensors, the latest FUTURA neotf single-use capacitance sensors have been specifically developed for integration into Thermo Scientifc™ BioProcess Containers (BPCs) for use in Thermo Scientifc™ HyPerforma™ S.U.B.s. This webinar will summarize the sensor’s function, integration into the S.U.B. BPC, and showcases functional cell culture data obtained both internally and with a primary customer.

In this webinar you will learn about

Non-Disruptive cell density measurements
Automate control of critical events throughout your process
Reduce process contamination risk related to manual sampling
Track record of success in cGMP environments
Fingerprint your process for real time detection of deviations
Eliminate the need for regular sampling and congested labs