Using capacitance measurement 
for process intensification webinar

We are excited to present a joint webinar between Sartorius and ABER that will cover the use of dielectric spectroscopy, or capacitance measurements in process intensification


In this webinar you will learn about

Control the perfusion rate

Control N-stage perfusion process

Scalable technology

The presentation will start with a perspective of how PAT improves a bioprocess. An introduction to Process Intensification will then be provided. The audience will be introduced to the full potential of the Sartorius BioPAT Toolbox for Process Intensification. The presentation will then focus on capacitance technology, how it works and the typical applications for which it has been used successfully. Following this, we will present data to demonstrate how capacitance can be used:

This webinar is for both advanced users of capacitance technology who want to get additional insight into its applications, and for those who are not familiar with it and would like to receive an empirical based introduction.

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