“I feel proud to work at my company and it’s a feeling I have consistently every day.”

Debbie Salvoni

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What does EO mean to you?

For me, it’s about flexibility, and how we all look out for each other and care about each other. It makes for a much better work/life balance and it’s made a huge difference to me being able to do my duties as a single mum, and still have a career. It’s given me a far greater sense of responsibility and the knowledge that I’m creating something for the future.

What does it mean for the business?

Where I previously worked was very different. Here at Aber, I see that us as employee-owners appreciate more about how important the customer is. We seem to have the ability and willingness to naturally flex around them. I really believe that this flexibility comes from Employee Ownership. The other important thing is our openness and the fact that we are all prepared to be accountable. I see this every day, and I know that our customers value our honesty.

What difference does it make to the way the business operates and behaves?

It’s funny, compared to where I’ve worked before, we’re not a 9-5 business, and yet we seem to get more done. There’s far more flexibility and our culture is really open. For example, if you stop and talk to somebody, it’s OK – in fact it’s encouraged – it’s part of our culture.

Has Employee Ownership changed the way you think and feel about work and your own career?

Definitely, I really like working in a business where everybody is looking out for everyone else. Where everyone is prepared to pitch in… to help each other. What makes this different is that I know that if I’ve got an idea or I want to push something forward, my opinion is listened to and valued. You spend a lot of your time at work, so friendship and connections are really important. I feel proud to work at my company and it’s a feeling I have consistently every day.