Extracting additional information from multi-frequency capacitance scanning



Adam Bergin


Aditya Bhat

B,Sc, MSc, PhD
VP of Technology
ABER Instruments

In this webinar you will learn about

reversing apoptosis
Monitoring the properties
of changing cells during a
Controlling critical events
Fingerprinting bioprocesses

Multifrequency sweep data from capacitance probes contain information relating to the changing properties of cells during a culture.

The health of cells during a culture is of interest when discussing the productivity and performance of modern bioprocesses. This presentation will provide an overview of capacitance measurement and then focus on the parameters that can be extracted from capacitance sweeps across multiple frequencies, including a description of the applied Cole-Cole fitting model using the ABER SCADA software. These parameters are affected by the change in the size distribution of cells in culture, and indicate key changes in culture performance in real time. This information is applicable across a variety of bioprocessing applications and will ultimately improve our understanding of cell culture dynamics.