Futura Test Equipment

The Aber signal simulator, as the name suggests, simulates a capacitance and conductivity measurement, and is used to perform a functional test on the FUTURA.

Futura probe tester

Futura probe tester

The Aber Instruments Probe Tester has been specially designed to carry out checks on the integrity of ABER FUTURA probes, which includes the new FUTURA pico probe.

The Probe Tester will automatically run through a sequence of tests checking a probe for internal corrosion and leakage between the electrodes. An additional test cable allows the user to check the continuity between each electrode and the Head Amplifier socket.

The complete test procedure checks the health of a probe and its ability to perform correctly. The Probe Tester has an LCD display that allows the user to quantify and track the changes of a probe condition.

Technical specifications

Part No.Description
1486-00FUTURA\ FUTURA pico Probe Tester

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