Real-time viable biomass measurements in challenging microbial applications using capacitance technology

Presented by Thomas Brisky, Aber Instruments Inc & Christ Stowers of Corteva

November 11th 2020

Thomas Brisky of Aber gives an overview of the Aber technology and its use in microbial applications.

Dielectric spectroscopy (DS), also known as capacitance technology, has been widely used as a PAT tool to measure biomass in real time, in various applications involving mammalian, insect, bacterial and microbial cells.

It has been viewed as a particularly useful technology to measure cells in challenging microbial and bacterial applications, where other methods struggle to measure cell density reliably. This webinar primarily focus on the microbial and bacteria applications for which capacitance technology has been utilized.

Key learnings

  • Understanding the principle of Aber’s capacitance measurement technology
  • Application of Aber’s technology in microbial and bacterial processes
  • Relationship between capacitance and offline measurements

If you would like to learn more about using our technology for monitoring your microbial application please don’t hesitate to contact via the form on the website.

In this webinar, the following benefits of utilizing capacitance for measuring microbial cells are highlighted:

Monitoring growth of cells
Process finger printing
Productivity improvement
Harvest time optimization
Real-time troubleshooting
Automatic process control

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