The use of dielectric spectroscopy to measure biomass in the bioprocess industry for PAT applications and its evolution

Presented By Dr. Aditya Bhat

March 2018

Dielectric spectroscopy has been successfully used in the bioprocess industry to measure cell density in bioreactors for close to three decades. With FDA’s PAT initiative, capacitance based cell density measurements have become even more relevant and valuable.

The ability to measure viable cells exclusively, in-situ and in real time makes this technology stand apart from others. Over the years, it has been used for a variety of applications that include not only monitoring the cells, but also automatically controlling a critical aspect of the process

Listen to this Webinar to:

  1. Learn how dielectric spectroscopy is used to measure viable biomass in real-time.
  2. Understand how the technology has evolved and about current practices in manufacturing.
  3. Learn from case studies how the technology has been used to improve manufacturing performance.
Real-time monitoring & control
Automatically control complex feed rates
Sensors for conventional & single use bioreactors

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